We partner with teams and leaders to customize an approach and provide the best resources for leaders to grow the skills they need to motivate others and maximize results.

Inspiring Effective Leaders

Providing coaching and customized development strategies to support effective change management, increase agility, strengthen relationship building and interpersonal skills, and foster understanding about how each business function works within a specific organizational model to drive results. Options include:


Attempting to create a full spectrum view using a combination of tools such as: 360 degree feedback, personality preferences, emotional intelligence competencies, interests and perceived skills, intrinsic and work related values, personal best practices,
entrepreneurial factors and personal brand perception/reputation.

Onboarding Planning

Helping professionals to effectively and efficiently transition after internal promotion/re-organization or as a new leader integrating within a new team and organizational culture.

Succession Planning

Developing organizational bench strength.

Cascading Coaching Program

Creating a coaching culture by training coaching clients on how to coach others.

Do you know, or have a Leader in your organization who:

  • Struggles to keep good talent (has high, unwanted turnover)
  • Lacks candid communication skills, particularly with the feedback process
  • Needs help successfully onboarding themselves or a team member into a new role
  • Doesn’t have a focused development plan
  • Prioritizes ‘doing’ at the expense of relationships (e.g. lacking Emotional Intelligence)
  • Isn’t fully appreciating or leveraging the strengths on the team (having the right people on the bus)
  • Needs to create a strong bench and Succession Plan
  • Does not create or contribute to having an intentional team culture that supports the organizational culture

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“It is a terrible thing to look over your shoulder when you are trying to lead and find nobody there.”