We create an environment that allows individuals to work on their own career success and satisfaction through self-discovery, focusing on strengths and embracing values.

Coaching for Career Fulfillment

Empowering clients to fully engage their strengths in their daily work and encouraging them
toward a lifetime of meaningful, intentional career choices and development.


Attempting to create a full spectrum view using a combination of tools such as: 360 degree feedback, personality preferences, emotional intelligence competencies, interests and perceived skills, intrinsic and work related values, personal best practices, entrepreneurial factors and personal brand perception/reputation.

Career Transition Services

Providing traditional outplacement coaching as well as addressing multiple shifts in work/life integration that may involve coaching of encore careers/pending retirement, legacy/succession planning and workforce re-entrants.

Professional Growth & Development

Assisting those seeking to proactively leverage their strengths, position themselves for the next/alternative role, organization or industry and optimize their career.

Onboarding Planning

Helping professionals to effectively and efficiently transition after internal promotion/re-organization or as a new leader integrating within a new team and organizational culture.

Is there an Individual you know, perhaps even within your organization who:

  • Will be separated from their role and would benefit from career transition (outplacement) services
  • Questions the “fit” with their current role and wants to explore changes in their career
  • Could benefit from development around their strengths and/or Emotional Intelligence
  • Has a difficult relationship or poor communication with their boss and/or co-workers
  • Is struggling to manage an ever-changing environment
  • Worries about how to define and create a “retirement” life for themselves

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